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Maizen RP


Mafia and Gangs

Become the most formidable from da hood

You can live as a hard worker even in real life. Try taste of power, big money and a beautiful life without consequences! Build the appropriate mafiosi from an ordinary debt bouncer to a godfather. Join the ranks of gangs or create your own, rob, cover, fight beyond the limits and limits of the study. The whole virtual world is at your feet, so is it worth being content with little?


Show your competitors who is “daddy” here

What would you like to do: work for hire, open your own store or build a financial empire? A well-developed server economy is a great way to test your business background. Create a company and absorb residents, conquer the market and become the king of the world. Big money opens up big opportunities! Now you can do everything, and it's absolutely legal.

The beginning of the game

How to start playing Maizen RP

GTA 5 Role Play is a new level of online games. GTA 5's flawless graphics and engine have been overlaid with real-life simulation. Here you can do whatever you want to bring to life. Choose a character, choose a profession for him, find a suitable job and live his life the way you want. Forget boring NPCs, everyone you meet in the game is a real person. This means there is no greater variety. The actions of any player affect the game world. You decide what will happen to other players, and they affect your game. All as live, but without consequences.


Install the licensed version of GTA 5

Any version (Steam, Social Club, Epic games) of GTA 5 account will be suitable for playing on the server.


Download and install the Maizen RP Launcher

Any version (Steam, Social Club, Epic games) of GTA 5 account will be suitable for playing on the server.


Choose a Maizen RP server and start playing

Any version (Steam, Social Club, Epic games) of GTA 5 account will be suitable for playing on the server.


Start your story

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Maizen RP

About us

Maizen RP

There are two key areas of character development on the server: legal and criminal. You choose which path to follow and which scenario to play out. A complex economy and a rich choice of professions have been built for a “legal” life. If you want to try yourself as a worker, doctor or miner - it's easy! Do you like economic strategies? Build your own business! Do you like to manage? Welcome to City Hall. Are you passionate about justice? You will find a place in the ranks of the police. Find out what it's like to live life as a different person on the Maizen RP. Any gaming fantasies are embodied here. What about thrills? For dissidents who spit on the law, there is a path of easy money and big risks. You can build a career not only in the office, become a real crime boss and dictate your own rules to the city. Create your own family or join gangs of other players fight for influence and enjoy a dashing life. Everything is possible, but not unpunished. Do you remember that someone decided to play for the police? We offer a game world, but you write the scenario of your virtual life yourself.